Awards and Achievements

Received a testimonial from
the Director General of the WHO stating,
“This has been the best example of Primary Health Care that I have come across in my experience as the Director General of WHO”.
The “Pachod Dai” was documented by the Ford Foundation in the first set of “Anubhav” series, a publication on ten innovative non-profit health projects in India.
International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW, Washington DC) presented IHMP with the “Investing in Women Award for Innovation” for its programme of delaying age at marriage by empowering adolescent girls through Life Skills Education.
IHMP was awarded the Dasra Girl Power Award for addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of married adolescent girls.
Received accreditation from Credibility Alliance for adhering to the “Desirable Norms” prescribed for the Good Governance of Voluntary Organizations.
Government of Canada presented IHMP with the “John Diefenbaker Defender of Human Rights and Freedom Award” in recognition of its ongoing efforts to end child marriage and protect married adolescent girls from the adverse health consequences of early motherhood.
Received Gold Star Accreditation from GuideStar India for verifiable transparency and accountability standards.