Course Duration: 15 days



The course is a 2-week residential training programme for health supervisors / field coordinators who are working in the field of primary health care. The course is designed with the intention of reinforcing basic technical skills and providing skills for planning, effective supervision and evaluation. A major feature of the course is practical training because of the field laboratory provided by the field programmes of IHMP. Every week field work is organised to provide an opportunity to participants to apply what they have learnt to actual field situations.


  1. To reinforce of basic knowledge in Primary Health Care and Reproductive and Child Health (PHC/ RCH) with an emphasis on the most recent developments in PHC/ RCH.
  2. To develop health supervisors / field coordinators as trainers with an emphasis on field training of grassroots level workers.
  3. To provide supervision and support to grassroots and primary level workers.
  4. To develop skills in creating demand for existing services.
  5. To introduce the technique of community needs assessment through community involvement.
  6. To introduce monitoring and participatory evaluation as a routine activity.