Course Duration: 6 days



This course is intended for organisations interested in initiating programmes with children as change agents. Children have a tremendous potential for participating in the development of their communities, and in the process developing themselves too.  While many development programmes focus on children as beneficiaries, few consider children in the role of change agents.  Children can be organised to promote the development of their communities in the areas of health, education, water, sanitation, afforestation, environment, etc. The course provides strategies on how to organise children to develop themselves, other children, and the community.  The approaches used for organising children are communication strategies between child-to-child, child-to-adult, and child-to-community.

The course is designed to provide practical skills on how to plan and implement a programme with children as change agents. IHMP’s experience over two decades in child-centered approaches is shared through field exercises and demonstrations.

Course Objectives:

  1. To provide a conceptual basis for implementing child centred approaches.
  2. To provide practical skills to organise and mobilise children.
  3. To develop planning skills to implement programmes with children as change agents.
  4. To develop interventions which enable the holistic development of children including the change agent.