Gender Sensitisation of Boys and Young Men



Teenaged girls are married off to young men who are much older than them. A large number of girls experience eve-teasing, molestation and sexual and domestic violence. IHMP provides group and individual counseling to boys and young men. The project aims to bring about a positive attitudinal change in boys and young men and a measurable reduction in the prevalence of sexual and domestic violence and gender inequitable behaviour.


What does IHMP do:

  1. Young married couples are enrolled immediately after their marriage and ‘gender sensitization’ workshops are organized for them.
  1. Monthly group counseling of unmarried boys and married young men is organized at the village level. These group meetings are conducted through a social norms approach.
  1. During group meetings, the boys and young men are invited for individual counseling. Counseling services are provided with a special focus on youth with poor self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  1. Couples are interviewed separately as soon as there is reported occurrence of domestic violence. Counseling is offered to young married men and their parents where necessary.


The expected Impact:

  1. Reduction in the proportion of young men getting married to girls less than 18 years.
  2. Measurable change in the attitude and behaviour of young men towards women.
  3. Reduction in gender inequitable and risky sexual behaviour.
  4. Reduction in the proportion of young men involved in perpetrating sexual and domestic violence.