Past Projects in Urban Slums

Since 1996, IHMP has implemented primary health care, reproductive and sexual health, HIV prevention, care and support and adolescent health care for the poor in urban slums of Pune city. Please have a look at the timeline to see our journey in public health over the last 20 years in the urban setting. Please click on a particular year to see the related work.


2014 – 2015: IHMP is implementing an integrated reproductive and sexual health and family planning project for adolescent girls and young married women, in slums, through a Municipal Corporation - urban primary health centre.


2013 – 2014: IHMP implemented a reproductive and child health project with a focus on married adolescent girls through a Municipal Corporation - urban primary health centre.


2010 – 2013: IHMP initiated a rights based approach to people-centered advocacy for increased access to rationally planned health care services for the urban poor.


2008: IHMP was invited by the Government of India for formulating its policy – the National Urban Health Mission.
2008 – 2011: IHMP designed the systems for 7 NGOs to provide maternal and neonatal services in the slums of 7 cities in Maharashtra, and undertook their capacity building.


2005 – 2010: IHMP mainstreamed HIV/AIDs prevention care and support through its reproductive and child health program in the slums of Pune city.


2003 – 2006: IHMP implemented a focused intervention for averting the adverse consequences of early motherhood and for reducing maternal and neonatal morbidity among married adolescent girls
2003 – 2011: IHMP demonstrated a model maternal and neonatal health program for urban slums integrated with primary health care services.


1998 – 2003: IHMP implemented its Life Skills Education program and a project aimed at preventing anemia among unmarried adolescent girls in the slums of Pune city.


1996 – 2003: IHMP implemented the Oxfam supported Reproductive and Child Health Program in 27 slums of Pune city.